Evolving Your Home with Vinyl Flooring

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People usually envision something grand upon hearing the term of evolving their home, like creating an extension or knocking through a wall. Smaller steps in evolving your home can make all the difference, such as changing the look of a room.

One evolving fashion within the home is the implementation of luxury vinyl flooring.

Leading the Evolution

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring has been manufacturing high-quality flooring for the past few decades to produce market-leading vinyl planks and tiles. 

Over the years they have pushed ahead of many domestic and commercial flooring options such as lino, whilst developing safety measures on the pro’s and con’s, resulting in a highly practical product that offers unrivalled style.

As a natural looking replica for real hardwood flooring, Luvanto holds its place as a brand with designs inspired by wood without the disadvantages. You won’t be experiencing any splinters or rotting wood by selecting the vinyl option, with natural colours in multiple tones and shades perfectly replicating the knot and grain without the dissatisfaction of discolouration that is common in real wood.

Hygienic Choice

Luvanto has worked many years to be labelled as the most hygienic choice in the vinyl marketplace. Part of that reputation comes from it being incredibly easy to clean and maintain. 

With its protective PU coating, it prevents germs, bacteria and dirt from getting through cracks to any subfloor via non-porous properties to make your floor fully protected. Spillages can be simply wiped and not leave any evidence within seconds, which also is great news for your knees.

Heavy Duty

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring protects so much against scratches, leaks, wear and tear that it requires no sanding out or treatments to repair. The designs are specifically modelled to handle heavy objects such as furniture or machines that can potentially scratch a regular floor. In instances where the damage does happen, Luvanto tiles and planks are so easy to remove and replace if required that it doesn’t disrupt large sections of your floor.

With all those elements in play, it is easy to envision how your home can evolve in a small way but provide a huge change at the same time. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is a product that has taken huge strides to provide peace of mind and security to your home for longer periods, able to last upwards of 25 years if cared for regularly.

If your home is looking to evolve, choose the evolving face of Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring for any room you look to add style and reinforcement.

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